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Cub Scout Pack 700
(Summerville, South Carolina)
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Boy Scouts

Pack 700 is deeply proud of the young scouts that decided to continue their scouting journey to being a Boy Scout.  The following account are of the scouts who continued on into Boy Scouts, their troop and their most current known rank and position.


Tristan Swasty (Troop 700, Summerville, SC , Scout)


Wyatt Cripe (Troop 700, Summerville, SC, Tenderfoot)
Eden Metts (Troop 700, Summerville, SC ,  Tenderfoot)
Milo Sidlo (Troop 700, Summerville, SC)
Nicholas Clark (Troop 700, Summerville, SC)
Xander Bennage (Troop 700, Summerville, SC, Scout)


Evan Burke (troop 30 Greenville, NC, star)
Robert Dudley (Troop 2, star )
Ayden Hudson (Troop 776, life )
Ian Lester (Troop     Tucson, AZ , 2nd class)
Landon Watrous (Troop 787, 2nd class)


Ian Tiller (The Duece (2), Summerville, SC Eagle Scout)