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Boy Scout Troop 354
(Dundalk, Maryland)
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Boy Scout Troop 354 - Dundalk, Maryland 21222

My Troop 354 Family,

I hope that everyone had a relaxed and blessed holiday break, took advantage of well deserved family and friend time, enjoyed some fantastic weather (the dry days) and most of all took advantage of your virtual school break to complete MOST if not ALL of the self-paced merit badge requirements we discussed during our last virtual troop meeting on 12/16/2020; COMMUNICATIONS M.B. for our older scouts and COLLECTIONS M.B. for everyone who had previously not earned it. We will be focusing on presenting and sharing everything related to these in the next coming weeks. With that being said, my challenge to you all for this new year. By JUNE 1, lets all who have not yet earned their first class rank, earn it as soon as possible. Everyone who is working on rank advancements requiring service projects lets begin brainstorming appropriate project ideas to expedite the approval process when the time comes, and lets all make a strong attempt to earn AT LEAST 2 Eagle required merit badges. Lets take 2021 by storm. Lets tear into this new year like a 2010 vintage can of fruit salad. Ill see everyone one weds night (virtually) for our first troop meeting of 2021.


Mr. Steve


Upcoming events for Troop 354 B:

Jan 06 - Virtual Troop Meeting 7:30pm @ Zoom On Your Home Computer or Phone
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