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 Join Pack 11 Cub Scouts

Thank you for your interest in Cub Scout Pack 11.  We have many exciting activities planned this year from our day camps, Pinewood Derby, and Rain Gutter Regatta.  In Cub Scouts, your son and/or daughter* will have lots of fun, learn new things and meet new friends.  But Cub Scouts is much more than that; it is fun with a purpose!

Scouting develops character, leadership, communication skills, and good citizenship.

Scouting is a year round program, where most other programs only last a few months.  Scouting encourages your child to be active, be healthy, and to Do Your Best!

All new scouts are required to complete an application. New Scout Registration fees & Pack dues are $90.00.

For questions about completing the application, or about the Cub Scout Program, please contact Cubmaster Julie West.   Contact Cubmaster.


Yours in Scouting


Cubmaster Pack 11

*That's right, girls can join Cub Scouts since August 2018!!!  See our page Girls In Cub Scouts for more information.