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Parents and other adult partners play an important role in Pack 8. Our leaders do their best to provide a quality program for the Scouts, but they can’t do it all alone. We need all adult partners to take an active role in some capacity in the Pack’s operation and to support our leaders when needed. Don’t wait to be asked! We need each adult partner to:

  •   Make sure your Scout has the proper uniform and handbook;
  •   Assist your Scout in attending weekly Den meetings and monthly Pack meetings;
  •   Work closely with your Scout to help him complete his rank achievement requirements;
  •   Provide input to Pack leadership as to Pack/Den programming (new ideas are always welcome!);
  •   Update your Den leader on your Scout’s advancement ASAP
  •   Make sure your Scout understands what is expected of him (including abiding by the rules of conduct) and acts appropriately at all times.The Cub Scouting program is designed to include Parents. As parents you are Akela (Ah-kay-la) – the good leader, and you share this responsibility with his den leader.While not every parent feels he or she is patient enough to be a den leader or organized enough to be the Treasurer, there is a role for every parent in pack activities. Your son will appreciate the fact that you care enough about him and his Scouting experience to become involved in a committee, or pack position.

We ask that every Parent be a Leader in the pack in 4 important ways.

1. Help your son’s Den Leader prepare for and run at least 2 Den Meetings each year.

2. Take on at least one job within the Pack. That might be taking responsibility for leading a single event, or possibly stepping up as a Committee Member or Den Leader.

3. If you have a special skill or interest, please let us know if there's a way we can incorporate it and help teach the scouts something new.

4. Be available to help during Den meetings. Speak with the Den Leader, to find out if they need any assistance with the activities that day.

Once per month, we hold a Committee and Den Leader meeting. This is where we plan upcoming activities, handle Committee Business, etc. All parents, whether they hold an official leadership role in the Pack or not, are welcome at those Meetings. It’s a great opportunity to get involved, and have input on what events are coming up for your son.

Attendance, Pickups and Dropoffs

  1. Be on time. Den meetings start varies depending on your den’s activity. Pack Meetings start promptly at 7:00
  2. No curbside drop offs or pickups; you need to Check in with the Den leader, in the room they meet in whenever you pick up or drop off your son.
  3. You may be asked to help. The Den Leader can ask any parent to stay during the meeting, either to help with an activity, or in cases where assistance may be needed with a particular boy’s behavior.
  4. All Meetings/functions must have at least two adults present. If only 1 leader is present, at least one adult from the den will be asked to help.